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Cosmetic Acupuncture is the gentle solution to whole range of skin problems. Keep reading to find what we can do for you.

Lines and Wrinkles

Concerned by your wrinkles or laughter lines?

Collagen and elastin are you’re two best friends when it comes to soften the lines. Inserting painless fine needles along the lines causes your body to react with a healing response by producing more collagen and elastin. The effect? Plumper skin and softened lines.

Sagging Skin

With age the firmness and elasticity of your skin is affected which can cause sagging or drooping in the face. Using cosmetic acupuncture and therefore increasing the production of collagen and elastin locally can counteract this. After a few treatments already your skin will feel tighter and appear more plump.

Sagging skin can occur because of hormonal changes, ageing, worries and fatigue. Any time that your resources are reduced, or your health is affected, this can show in the skin. Acupuncture is used to relax and rebalance your whole body.

We can also work with the muscles of the affected area. Inserting needles in the correct muscles stimulates them. The results are tighter, stronger muscles that give your face a firm appearance.

Acne, Pimples and Scarring

Whether it’s whiteheads, large pores, or cystic boils. Acne and breakouts can affect people from all different ages and are usually caused by an imbalance in the body. We will help you gain a better understanding of what the cause of the problem is. Cosmetic acupuncture is an effective way to treat acne. By promoting the production of collagen and increasing blood circulation it helps the healing process of your skin. Acne scars and dis-coloration will fade because of the renewed and regenerated tissue.

Everyone’s skin is different but usually the results are visible very quickly. With 1-2 weeks inflammation can be reduced and new breakouts become less frequent. Within 7 weeks of treatment you should be able to notice clear skin.

Types of acne that can be treated includes:

Common acne (white heads and red bumps)

Hormonal acne

Pubescent acne

Cystic acne

Acne scarring (pigmentation, bumps, uneven skin)

​​Aurora will discuss an individual treatment plan with you during your consultation. Because acupuncture treats the root cause of your acne, you will see long term results in your skin and body without needing treatment forever.


Do you feel like you’re looking tired and dull? Time to give your skin a boost and do something about your lines, loss of firmness and sagging skin? No, we’re not talking about cosmetic surgery or botox. As you age, your skin loses collagen, leaving your skin looking less firm and tight. The solution: Cosmetic Acupuncture. You will look and feel vibrant, fresh and glowy! It’s much less expensive than a facelift as well as chemical and risk free.

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