Week 1–6

Coping / not coping

What is this stage about?

Often life’s demands become overwhelming. The expectations we place on ourselves and the pressures we face every day are not sensible or reasonable for our health.

Many of us resort to coping strategies that can be harmful to our body, yet they are promoted by our society. The dependence or need for coffee, chocolate, alcohol, screen time and spending are all ways in which this inherent imbalance in our life shows. We ask you to consider a different and better way.
In this stage we invite you to acknowledge if you are coping / not coping and address/reassess the coping strategies you are using.

We offer herbal medicine support for the biochemistry of coping / not coping.

What happens in this stage?

In this stage we help you acknowledge if you are coping or not, and support you by using herbal medicine to address the biochemistry of coping / not coping.

We use three herbal medicines in this stage, as well as Love + Light, which will be supporting you throughout the program.

Release + Restore

Beneath frustration is something else. There is often fear or pain; listen to what you are really feeling. Blame is unbecoming, towards yourself or others. We are all human, all struggling until we realise, we can let go. Let go of outcome, let go of opinion, let go of how you wanted it to be, how it should or could be. Release yourself from the burden of having to be right or perfect. You are perfect, in your own imperfect way. This is Release + Restore.

Sweet + Sentient

The you that thinks you need something outside yourself, the you that thinks you have only, this one sweetness in life. I tell you, there is more to you than this. Everyday you are gifted a new day, everyday a new joy, not a habit that holds you and weighs you down. Give it up. To be sentient is to be awake; awake to what you are choosing everyday. Choose to wake up. Choose to be Sweet + Sentient. 

Fear + Freedom

Anxious, these thoughts, over and over, chasing you on. Know that at this moment, you are safe; safe from your fears. This world, we know is a hard place. Kind hearts crushed everyday by harsh and thoughtless actions, yet fear is a punishment all of its own. Fear is a prison that will keep you forever. Take my hand and step away, leave the fear behind you like ill-fitting clothes. This is Fear + Freedom.

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