Somatic Acupuncture

Somatic Acupuncture

Is a system of acupuncture developed over years of experience by Aurora. She utilities ancient acupuncture systems including the 13 Ghost Points. They are specific for mental, emotional and neurological conditions and extremely helpful to patients with long standing emotional trauma that is difficult to overcome. To these she adds her skills in deep listening to pulses and people, finding accurately the dominant emotional experience, once located and acknowledged, she selects points that enable the processing of these held emotional experiences, discussing with the body useful and relevant statements that form a profound part of the patients healing. She adds points that treat and reset the Poly Vagal nerve, the major two branched nerve that carry’s experiential stress through every organ and tissue of the body. By nourishing and improving its tone we engage the bodies ability to normalise its held stress responses, creating a deep sense of peace and understanding, resulting in patients feeling calm, centred and grounded – cared for and relieved of the traumatic burdens they have been carrying and informed with kindly insights changing how they can then see and care for themselves.

Somatic acupuncture is a gentle and profound massage therapy that helps heal and resolve trauma and emotional stress commonly held in our bodies.
During this unique acupuncture, we speak to communicate sensations, images, emotions to allow a space for healing and listening what your body has to say.

This acupuncture builds your ability to be flexible in the face of all of life’s ups and downs, it also provides us with a deeper trust and understanding of how our body works.

You will leave the session feeling reconnected, healthy and vibrant.

Somatic acupuncture can help people who:

– Have experienced traumatic events of any kind
– Have experienced childhood abuse or neglect
– Have emotional stress
– Suffer anxiety and/or depression
– Interested in understanding their bodies and emotions

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