The Heart Centred Herb Co was created to find a way to treat the experiences that impact people’s health. Whatever happens in our lives can become symptoms and conditions in health and these need treatment. Whenever we have feelings or experiences we produce physiological products – chemicals, hormones or stress responses that then create inflammation and can harm our health.

After much research, Aurora has found plants that can change, dissolve or reduce these products of response. Her further research into the polyvagal nerve and its action added a profound dimension to how we can treat experiences by resetting the nervous system stress of them. Aurora then researched ancient and pre-Christian herbals to examine these herbs’ original emotional and experiential uses. Then she examined their constituents for their polyvagal actions and used this information combined to create her powerful herbal formals that became our wonderful range.

Covid Antiviral Support

Do you have Covid or need support after your vax?
We are here to help…


Did you know that Pine needle tea has antiviral effects? It is also high in antioxidants, Vitamin C & A, known to support the immune system. Pine needles are specific for viral lung infections. They contain a very rare antioxidant, are antimicrobial and antiviral. It provides strength and releases negativity.

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