Woman + Wise


Polyvagal Action-
Improves the Poly Vagal tone to the reproductive system, heart and spleen. Star ingredient Trefoil is very high in Vitamin C, reducing oxidative stress and cortisol, which are markers of adverse life events or trauma and reduce nervous system overload.

Traditional Use –
This tea promotes reconnection and physiological nourishment to the female reproductive system. A mild sedative, it also has antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains isoflavones which promote hormonal balance

Therapeutic Narrative-
Bodies hold wisdom, they hold our knowing and our rhythm. They hold our stories. Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, women’s wisdom whispered through time, within you, as you were within your grandmother’s womb, a tiny ovum cell. Can you hear them now as you did then? The hum of the kitchen, the know-how, the go to, the deep care of you. When we cannot connect to our knowing , when we turn away from the whispered wise, shut down and conform, we risk, we wander, we may wane, wisdom might wither. Distress comes as our cycle’s rhythm falters, us and our balance lost. All transitions tenuous and tense. We ask you to bring them back, bring yourself back, recall, reconnect, recycle into the reckoning that is. Remembering we are all women and to connect is to be wise.

This is Women+Wise.

Angelica (Angelica archangelica)- Is grounding and supportive of female hormonal balance. Helps comfort & defend the heart.
Red Rose (Rosa spp)- Is intensive nutrition for the female reproductive system, used in medieval times to calm.
Trefoil (Trifolium pratense)- Contains isoflavones that help regulate hormones during transitions, be that at the beginning or end of cycling, for those of us who hold too much.
White Sage (Salvia officinalis)- A mood elevating herb that treats exhaustion and will regulate cycle & temperature.
Wild Lavender (Vitex agnus-castus)- So helpful in PMS, it regulates the pituitary gland to balance hormones and is used to relive feelings of grief and loss associated with change.


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