Virus + Victory


Polyvagal Actions

This formula improves the Poly Vagal Tone to the lungs and lung linings, it improves the visceral immunity enabling the body to defend more effectively the upper respiratory system.

Traditional Uses

Pine needles are specific for viral lung infections. They contain a very rare antioxidant, are antimicrobial and antiviral. It provides strength and releases negativity. So useful in viral infections and coughs whilst boosting immune function. It has been used to treat fevers, break up mucus congestion and soothes irritated lungs and sore throats.

Therapeutic Narrative-

Pine needles are so strong, our immune systems strengthen and expand under their influence, and here she is, present with three powerful allies. Mystyldene is so ancient, so able to soothe lungs, coughs and nerves, she protects and calms. Lycorys breaks down mucus, she nourishes linings of the nasal and digestive pathways, all while she nobly restores energy and recovers stress coping. Why do without help, when you can have whole, present and consistent support? Plants can gift you the power to persist.

This is Virus+Victory.

Lycorys (Glycyrrhiza galbra)- A tonic herb with anti- inflammatory and healing properties specific to the mucus membranes.

Mystyldene (Viscum album)- A nervine herb with powerful anti- viral properties.

Russian Pine vPinus sylvestris)- A very rare antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral. It provides strength and releases negativity.


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