Allostatic Load / Trauma Assessment Test


This test is a very valuable assessment for anyone who has seen the impact of trauma and life events on their well-being, and for anyone who would like to understand how their lives have affected their health and how they can resolve these issues preventing major health conditions.


Trauma assessments are essentially measuring your Allostatic Load and as it sounds, it measures how heavy life has been. The tests themselves cover or infer the impact of life events on each and every body system. We have a range of scores or ideal figures that we compare to, which are associated with good health and the difference or distance between a patient’s test scores are, tells us the severity of the life load impact. The treatment can then be designed to recover the function and well-being of each and every system and thus enables the recovery of stress tolerance and the meaningful reduction of the harm of life events.

Allostatic Load is a series of blood tests known to demonstrate the impact of stress across all systems in the body. It reveals our polyvagal tone as well as our current and future health. We apply this test at the beginning of treatment and use it to assess your progress and recovery- this test has been an integral part of our current body of research and is considered the gold standard of life impact assessments. The measurements used in assessing these results are key to understanding how inflammatory the resultant oxidative stress from trauma can be.
If you have recent previous blood tests we may be able to make use of these otherwise please pay for your test here.
A request form will be sent to you, attend your local collection centre and then we will book a consultation for you, once the results have arrived; this process should take no more than one week from collection.

Allostatic Load Testing Includes:
HDL / LDL / Triglycerides
Fasting glucose (not tolerance)
Albumin / Creatinine


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