Sweet + Sentinent


Action – This formula tones or improves the stress load of the Poly Vagal Tone to the Pancreas , spleen and liver.

Traditional Uses– this formula is used for stabilising blood sugar levels, it stabilises Insulin resistance and stops sweet cravings, by doing so in can enable weight loss. It Is the formula for people who feel they need something outside themselves, which can drive people to addictive behaviours.

Therapeutic Narrative

To the you that thinks you need something outside of yourself, the you that thinks you have only, this one sweetness in life. I tell you, there is more to you than this. Every day you are gifted a new day, every day a new undiscovered joy, not a habit that holds you and weighs you down. Give it up. Give up the crutch, the habit, the false coping. See it for what it is and instead, seek the help you truly need. To be sentient is to be awake; awake to what you are choosing every day. Choose to wake up. Choose to be Sweet+Sentient


Bergamot Orange - Most commonly used to uplift the mood and to supply bravery to make positive change.
Black Caraway - Extremely helpful for enabling blood sugar regulation and promoting weight loss.
French Lilac - Very protective against diabetes, it lowers blood sugar levels and reduces sugar cravings.
Hulba - Used in diabetes, PCOS, and high cholesterol due to its high levels of galactomannan.
Snow Flower - Greatly improves the livers storage of glucose and sugars, reducing the overall blood levels, it can help to break the cycle of addictions.


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