Surrender + Serenity


Polyvagal Action-

This formula is used for people within the fight and flight response, who are driven to achieve by an inbuilt need for approval. These Poly Vagal states have their origin in adverse childhood events.

Traditional Uses-

Contains Bergamot peel Citrus bergamonia direct from the one small farm in Italy still growing it. Traditionally used to treat shock and trauma, it uplifts mood, deeply calms and promotes bravery. Red Rose and Raspberry Leaf give strength and solace.

Therapeutic Narrative-

Surrender is not giving up, it is letting go of how we think we should be. Release this overloaded inordinate pressure to perform. You are not something to be driven, by anxious fear, by a need to justify each and every breath, to somehow prove your value. You no longer need tolerate being subject to an internal crueller, your unseeing and insatiable parent. Being driven is a distraction from who and what you are, it stymies the natural flow of your life. It will keep you far from the knowing that you alone, just as you are, are enough. As uncomfortable as stillness can be, it’s where the serenity we seek, is found.

This is Surrender+Serenity.


Bergamot orange Citrus bergamia Most commonly used to uplift the mood and to supply bravery to make positive change.
Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Wonderfully calms the mind and uplifts our mood by providing a helpful dopamine source.
Maythen Matricaria chamomilla Greatly reduces gut inflammation, also used to quieten the mind and for people who feel unloved.
Red rose petals Rosa spp Provides intensive nutrition, used in medieval times to calm the mind and emotions.
Raspberry leaf Rubus idaeus used traditionally for emotional disturbances and exhaustion. Highly nutritive and strengthening for the body.


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