Stress + Support


B vitamins are water soluble power packs. B’s are used by the body during stress, they are sacrificed to help us cope, to help us through. B vitamins are required for the health of our skin, our nerves, our bodies and brains.
Who amongst us could not do with more support for stress?


Magnesium citrate, Sprouted Quinoa powder,
Spirulina powder, Beetroot powder, Blueberry powder,
Rhodiola rosea powder, Taurine, D-Ribose,
Calcium phosphate, L-Glutamine, Stevia rebaudiana
Nutrient content per 50g Vit A: 1680mcg, Vit B: 0.22mg,
Thiamine B1: 0.40mg, Riboflavin B2: 0.52mg, Nicotinic acid
B3: 2.30mg, B5: 0.3mg, Pyridoxine B6: 0.21mg, Folic acid B9:
44.54mcg, Vit C: 21.1mg, Vit E: 1.24mg, Vit K: 238mcg, Calcium:
14.836g, D-Ribose: 9.08g, L-Glutamine: 1000mg, Chromium:
25mcg, Taurine: 5g, Phosphorus: 135.6mg, Magnesium: 6.2g,
Manganese: 1.1mg, Potassium: 382.6mg, Selenium: 11mcg,
Inositol: 15mg, Iron: 13.16mg, Carotenoids: 23mg, Zinc: 700mcg.

60 capsules


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