Sleep + Sound


Polyvagal Action-
Sleep quality is a measurement of Poly Vagal tone, how well we can rest and reset herbs that act on this are the most curative in sleep disturbance. Improves the tone of the pineal gland and adrenals. This formula recovers tone, reduces sympathetic stimulation & rebalances the polyvagal nerve.

Traditional Uses – Contains Red Poppy used in medieval times to procure nourishing sleep, with calming nervines in Blue pimpernel, to soothe. Wild Lettuce is a long lost, yet powerful soporific made famous by Beatrix Potter and her lovely sleepy bunnies.

Therapeutic Narrative-

Sleep is the other form of consciousness, the deeper knowing, the other shore. We so need rest, the balm of sleep. How long has it been, since you could truly take your ease, unburden your soul to the night? Sleep is the vacuuming of your mind, your beautiful brain filters and files, she processes, she unpacks the day, she works hard to make sense of our experience and gifts a new day knowing. Denied the blessed sleep of babes, we may descend into a deeply maddening void. Without restorative sleep we become unsound, there is no perspective, no peace, no order, without sleep. Sleep+Sound will take you there, unfurl into safe, sound sleep.
This is Sleep+Sound.


All Heal Valeriana officinalis- A powerful relaxing nervine, helps reduce tension, anxiety, hypervigilance and rumination.
Blue Pimpernel Scutellaria lateriflora- Greatly helps to relax the nervous system. Commonly used for anxiety and insomnia.
Passion flower Passiflora incarnata- Wonderful in regulating GABA levels which promotes the transition into a restful sleep.
Red Poppy Papaver rhoeas- Used in medieval times to procure sleep and rest, it is a very effective sedative.
Wild Lettuce Lactuca virosa- Considered a well reknown soporific it is a very effective remedy for insomnia and pain.


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