Sadness + Solace


Polyvagal Action- This formula improves Poly Vagal Tone to the lungs, heart and adrenals.
Toning the vagal nerve lifts depression makes us better able to deal with stressors

Traditional Uses – Is the formula historically used for sadness and depression . At any moment of significant emotional pain , those that also generate as physical pain. For desolation and deep sadness that benefits from the kindly mothering support that these herbs are known to offer.

Therapeutic Narrative-

Sweetheart, it’s all been too much, too hard. You’re heart-sore, so very sad and unable to move forward. It’s not you, it’s it, the weight of it, the parts of life like this. No one escapes it – the fish are not safe in the sea. But know it is not the water around the ships that sink them, it’s the water that lets in. So let it go. The dark and light of life are equally valued means. Acknowledge and move this with comfort.
This is Sadness + Solace.


Heartease Viola tricolor- For heartache, particularly when it manifests as physical illness. It offers comfort in times of separation and disappointment.
Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca- A heart centred herb with mothering-like qualities. It calms the heart when worried & stressed.
Oats Avena sativa- A super tonic for the nervous system and for exhaustion, especially when we are carrying too much.
Pasqueflower Anemone pulsatilla- For anxiety, where the person feels frail, vulnerable and find themselves crying often.
Rosin Rose - A nervine that helps reduce physical and emotional pain. Commonly used to alleviate depression.


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