Release + Restore


Polyvagal Action – This formula increases the Poly Vagal Tone to the Liver, Gall Bladder and Heart. This action releases stress and frustration from the nerve and body.

Traditional Uses – The herbs of release and restore are historically used to treat liver conditions, such as fatigue, nausea and hepatitis. It is also used to frustration and anger, which are also considered liver complaints, it is said to release tension and aid contemplation.

Therapeutic Narrative-

Beneath frustration is something else. There is often fear or hurt; listen to what you are really feeling. Blame is unbecoming, towards yourself or others. We are all human, all struggling until we realise, we can let go. Let go of outcome, let go of opinion, let go of how you wanted it to be, how it should or could be. Release yourself from the burden of having to be right or perfect. You are perfect, in your own imperfect way. This is Release+Restore.

Church Steeples Agrimonia eupatoria- A bitter tonic, it aids liver function, which is metaphysically where anger is held, it will improve digestion.
Marian Thistle Silybum marianum- Traditionally used to unblock the liver, freeing held emotions, it aids depression and frustration.
Mystyldene Viscum album- Historically used as a nervine that promotes contemplation, reflection and recovery.
Primrose Primula vulgaris- Employed for centuries, for feelings of darkness and hopelessness, it releases frustration.
Sweet Violet Viola odorata- Will provide support for clearing emotions and illness through the lymphatic system


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