Pine Needle + Pure Tea


Strongly tones the Poly Vagal nerve to the lungs and upper respiratory system. Reducing the stress and inflammation within greatly improves the ability of the body to fight infections and recover.

Traditional use
Specific for viral infections and coughs whilst boosting immune fund. It has been used to treat fevers, break up mucus congestion
soothing irritated lungs and sore throats.

Therapeutic narrative
My heartfelt words are here to help…

The story of pine needles is old, so very old, it is, as the trees, that cast and gnarl as they grow, ever more toward the sun, buffeted by the harsh, harsh wind and weather; still she rises. She is strong as she arcs and outstretches her branches towards the sun, carrying her small sharp witted children. Her needles, her powerful purpose embodied, her resolve, to be all that they need. Pine can survive in the most severe and demanding environments, such knowing we have around us and here, with us, strong and pure. This is PineNeedle+Pure.

The herbs will make it happen…


Russian Pine Needles (Pinus sylvestris)
Maritime Pine Needles (Pinus pinaster)


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