Pain + Potential


Polyvagal Action – Tones Poly Vagal Nerve to the liver, immune system, adrenals. It can also calm and balance the Poly Vagal Nerve throughout the body and joints, high in flavonoids it can reduce stress producing inflammation.

Traditional Use- the plants have been used for centuries to treat pain especially migraine, the pain they are effectively used in the past for is also deeply emotional pain. Then as now, it was clear that physical, mental and emotional health issues are actually and always the same condition.

Therapuetic Narrative

Inflammation is a message that something is wrong. In every cell the message calls you. The pain is physical; the origin, not always. Any injury might cause pain. So can shock, hurt, trauma, loss, loneliness or heartbreak. They all need acknowledgment and support. Acknowledgment means the message is heard and then, no longer needs to be sent – and being truly heard, potentially, transforms us all.
This is Pain+Potential.


Feather Foil Tanacetum parthenium- It reduces pain and inflammation, commonly used for headaches and migraines.
Golden Willow Salix alba vitellina- Has analgesic actions and is effective in relieving pain, is the origin of all Aspirin like drugs.
Rosin Rose - A nervine that helps reduce physical and emotional pain. Particularly nerve pain and depression.
Sweet Briar Rosa rubiginosa- Very known to reduce the severity and pain associated with any inflammatory condition.


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