Overwhelm + Overcome


Polyvagal Action – is the formula used to reset the polyvagal nerve and normalise the body back to a relaxed, reset phase. Used in the initial phase of treatment when the Vagal Nerve is in freeze, shut down, disassociated and unable to fully function.

Traditional Use contains herbs used in ancient Greece to heal wounds, it provides physical strength and stamina to face life’s battles and be present, with deeply calming, grounding and resetting herbs

Therapeutic Narrative
You are all full up, all of it is too much. The expectation, the workload, the experience, the feelings, this world of yours, is too much. Do not comment on yourself, do not judge yourself so harshly. Overwhelm means you have insufficient resources in the face of what is asked of you. Though you yourself, are made for overcoming. Take this offered strength, take this reminder of your own deeper knowing. The beauty of life is in overcoming; now is your time to be beautiful.

This is Overwhelm+Overcome.


Ironwort Sideritis– Was used in ancient Greece to heal wounds caused by iron weapons, it provides physical strength and stamina to face life’s battles.
Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca– A heart centred herb with mothering-like qualities, it helps calm us when worried or stressed.
Oats Avena sativa– A super tonic for the nervous system and for exhaustion, especially when we are carrying too much.
Red Centaury Centaurium erythraea– Always helps one to stand up for themselves, to face the day with courage. It also supports the liver.
Tilia flower Tilia japonica– Has anti-depressant, sedative and relaxant properties, used for centuries to treat anxiety and sadness.


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