Hair Mineral Analysis / Neurodivergent test


The test can be done by anyone with neurodivergence, anxiety or depression and attention issues as well as anyone with concerns regarding osteoporosis or preconception.


Neurodivergence is a description of any neurological or cognitive difference from accepted parameters, with so many people now being diagnosed it can be a turning point in many lives, however, a diagnosis does not offer an understanding of how neurodivergence originates nor a way to treat that cause. We understand inherited and experienced trauma can have a fundamental role, though in practice we find that trauma causal reduction in the adrenal tissue’s ability to excrete heavy metals and the resultant neurotoxicity they create is often at the core of the condition. We can request accurate testing for the presence of heavy metals and once found we can eliminate them with the use of exact nutritional antagonists.

How is a hair test done?
A sample of 0.5 grams of untreated hair is required for the test, this can be collected by an individual or hairdresser, usually taken from the nape, hair is selected as closest to the scalp as possible to access the most recent biochemical information. The sample will then be sent to the US for testing and we will receive the results within 3 weeks.


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