Love + Light


Polyvagal Action – It contains herbs that improve polyvagal tone to the heart. Promoting the processing of trauma results in a compassionate response to life One of the herbs Milfoil contains cyanogenic glycosides, constituents that rebalance all aspects of Vagal tone.

Traditional Use – Our self care and compassion formula. It is specific for people who have experienced loss and are weary, often experiencing anxiety. Traditionally used for heart break, it promotes self care. Considered to uplift the spirits and bring joy.

Therapeutic Narrative

I see you, you kind and weary heart. To the core of your calling, seeking out more light and strength and sense, to begin those path-full steps, I offer to you, a footfall, a foothold, towards a life that may yet, be kind. The one, like me, among a sea of souls, who have had their hearts broken and still, we feel the pain. I know you my kismet kindred. I share your hard-won grasp, that the only possible use of these cracks in our hearts and souls is to allow us to hold more love and light, for each other and here, for you. This is Love+Light


Herb of Grace Ruta graveolens– A restorative and recuperative for the nervous system. It is traditionally used in love potions.
Lavender Lavandula angustifolia– Wonderfully calms the mind and uplifts our mood by providing a helpful dopamine source.
Milfoil Achillea millefolium– Offers much strength for healing, it has high levels of iron & silica, to bolster and restore.
Sweet Balm Melissa officinalis– The ancients used it for heartbreak, it causes the mind and heart to be more merry.
Wood Betony Pedicularis canadensis– Offers strength, it helps relieve emotional and physical pain. Traditionally used for loss.


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