Grief + Growth


Polyvagal Action – Tones the polyvagal nerve to the lungs, heart, and adrenals Improves PVN tone to the lungs and immune system, reduces inflammation

Traditional Uses – primarily these herbs are used in Grief and loss. Such a feature of so much of our lives, it supports heartbreak and comforts our wounded experiences and feelings. Many herbs within this formula can assist relaxation even in these hard times.

Therapeutic Narrative-

Grief is not pathology. There is nothing wrong with you, given the circumstance. Grief lays waste to us, it overwhelms us, so you come out changed. Through it, you should be protected, and cosseted; the harshness will not escape you, but love, their love can sustain you. The truth is that grief is all our unspent love… In time you can emerge, from your chrysalis of grief, as the altered butterfly you have become.

This is Grief+Growth


Blue Pimpernel Scutellaria lateriflora– It relaxes the nervous system. Commonly used for exhaustion and grief.
Passion flower Passiflora incarnata– Helps to regulate GABA levels, it relaxes the body & mind, reducing the severity of anxiety, stress and loss.
Self Heal Prunella vulgaris– A wound herb that is capable of treating emotional wounds such as grief, where we feel we have lost a part of ourselves
Sweet Balm Melissa officinalis– prescribed since 400 BC for heartbreak, it assists the mind and heart to be more merry.
Tilia flower Tilia platyphyllos– Known to gladden the heart, this herb is used for great sadness and anxiety.


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