Fear + Freedom


Polyvagal Action – Tones the Poly Vagal Nerve to the Kidney, adrenal tissue and heart. It Improves the tone and balance of the CNS and ANS, so enabling the body to reach its rest and rest state.

Traditional Use the plants in this formula have been used for centuries to soothe anxiety, hyper vigilance and rumination, as well as distress and repeated thoughts. It can lift moods and resilience, so many ingredients offer support for depression and distress.

Therapeutic Narrative- So anxious, these thoughts, over and over, chasing you on. Know that at this moment, you are safe; safe from your fears. This world can be such a hard place. Kind hearts are crushed every day by harsh and thoughtless actions, yet fear, fear is a punishment all of its own. Fear is a prison that will keep you forever. Take my hand and step away, leave the fears behind you, like the ill-fitting clothes that they are.

This is Fear+Freedom.


All heal Valeriana officinalis- A powerful relaxing nervine, it treats high-level tension, repetitive thoughts and hyper-vigilance.
Jessamine Jasminum grandiflorum- Traditionally used for depression, anxiety & emotional distress, found particularly helpful in PTSD.
Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca- A heart-centred herb with mothering-like qualities, it is very able to calm and comfort.
Pellitory of Spain Anacyclus pyrethrum- This is a useful restorative when you need strength to feel your fears and still move forward.
Speedwell Veronica officinalis- Named for its speedy healing properties, it is excellent for anxiety caused by mental exhaustion.


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