Energise + Enliven


Polyvagal Action – tones the Poly Vagal Nerve to the thyroid, kidney, lymphatic system, and adrenals .

Traditional Use
This formula traditionally supports thyroid health and enables related weight loss. It can give energy and improves kidney function, it aids in reducing any excessive fluid levels. There is also great support for low mood and a lack of motivation that is classically seen in lymphatic sluggish conditions.

Therapeutic Narrative Feeling lost, spent and utterly convinced of the futility of it all? Seek comfort, seek support, breathe deep and get ready to plunge into life. A life that’s waiting for you. Life is still hopeful. A life young enough to be flexible on how you do this, on how your life unfolds. Witness the energy, weightlessness and carefree spirit that is Energise+Enliven.


Burnet Sanguisorba– Known to quicken the spirits, it gives vigor and much strength, it refreshes and clears the heart whilst it drives away melancholy
Celery Apium graveolens– Reduces inflammation that can cause confusion and a loss of focus, it is a powerful antioxidant that reduces pain and fluid imbalances.
Sea Oak Halidrys siliquosa – Greatly improves thyroid function- the accelerator of the body, it promotes self actualisation.
Stinging Nettle Urtica dioica– A ready source of iron for strength and oxygen carrying, it is incredibly nutritious, used to combat depression and chronic fatigue. Velvet Flower – Promotes creativity and self reliance useful when feeling confused and fragmented


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