Eczema + Escape


Eczema is such an awful painful and irritating condition. It is so related to the acidic biochemistry of the body that can be the hallmark of stress and stress responses, even in very little ones. It also indicates the potential for low stomach acid and allergy or intolerance- 80% of people with eczema benefit from the removal of dairy from their diet. A useful step, whilst we work to recover their gut health and stress responses. This cream is very effective in healing and soothing the skin, stopping the itch and repairing the tissue.
This is Eczema+Escape.


Calendula officinalis herbal extract and essential oil

Pau D’Arco - Tabebuia avellaneda

Chickweed -Stellaria media

Lavender essential Oil

Carrot essential oil

Natural Vit E base cream

60 gr cream


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