Digest + Divest


Polyvagal Action – Improves the poly vagal tone to the gut ,pancreas and liver, this reduces the inflammation of gut and gut linings

Traditional Uses – these herbs are effective at stabilising the immune system of the gut and the gut linings, it is specific for inflammatory gut conditions, such as ulcerative colitis and irritated digestive systems.

Therapeutic Narrative
By now, your digestion is distressed; all the responses that should be able to calm, cannot. The learning, the knowing is at this time, lost. This is not going to stay. We are going to clear this, acknowledge and address the distress, through the linings, through the cilia, throughout the whole digestive system. If you need this next level support, it’s time to Digest+Divest.

Herb Robert leaf Geranium robertianum – offers energy, it vastly improves stress tolerance and is a tonic with antioxidant properties.
Maythen flowers Matricaria chamomilla – greatly reduces gut inflammation, also used to quieten the mind and for people who feel unloved.
Purple Heather flowers Calluna vulgaris – a powerful nervine, it helps repair gut lining, as it reduces reactivity on all levels.
Queen of the Meadow aerial parts Filipendula ulmaria – stabilises stomach acid production, it helps strengthens our sense of self.
Red Centaury leaf Centaurium erythraea – A digestive herb and liver stimulant, useful in dyspepsia and distressed digestion. Supports heroism.


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