Digest + Decompress


Polyvagal Action – It Improves the polyvagal tone of the gut and liver, it calms the visceral nervous system to the gut and so can help resolve digestive responses to stress.

Traditional Use- This formula is renowned for helping digestive issues, bloating, wind and gas. Any indigestion, reflux and intolerance can all be soothed, the digestive pain of IBS and so much cramping, is eased. So much history and so much help.

Therapeutic Narrative-

The truth is, you are not comfortable. Your digestion – where you process the world, life in all its totality, is not comfortable. Is it surprising you might be overwhelmed? It’s time to change. Bloating, pressure, wind, pain and discomfort can all be caused by distress and discord. It’s time to nourish and be swift.
This is Digest+Decompress.

Flower Umbel seed Foeniculum vulgare – a carminative and aromatic herb, it provides much comfort to the digestive system.

Lammint leaf Mentha piperita – a calming digestive herb that reminds us of life’s simple joys and aids the release of fears.

Leontondon root Taraxacum officinale – supports liver function and strengthens one’s sense of self, allowing freedom from conventions.

Maythen flower Matricaria chamomilla – reduces gut inflammation and relaxes the mind.

Queen of the Meadow aerial parts Filipendula ulmaria – stabilises stomach acid production, it helps support and strengthen our sense of purpose


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