Curcumin + Clarity


Inflammation clouds everything, it can make us distressed and reactionary in our bodies and our minds. When everything within you hurts, seek this support. How wonderful we have natural options, when we have physical or mental/emotional pain.

Liposomals are fats, they are also a delivery system that protects and brings the Curcuminoids to where you need them. So soothing, and calming, especially to the nerves, which are coated in myelin – a natural fat that earths and ends our repetitive thoughts, accept for when we are frayed and ratty from stress – the perfect time for Curcmin+Clarity .

Turmeric is a source of active Curcuminoids, powerful answers to inflammation, pain and distress, this is Curcumin+Clarity.

Purified Reverse Osmosis Water,
Organic turmeric (Curcuma longa),
Organic Sunflower
Organic Vegetable Glycerin

100 ml liquid


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