Credence + Cadence


Polyvagal Action
Tones the polyvagal nerve to the heart liver and spleen resetting the stress held in these tissues and greatly improving their function as well as treating the stress causing the condition.

Traditional uses
This formula is used to deeply acknowledge the very real stress of held experiences, to be grounding and used to treat dissociation, it has many historical uses that indicate its actions. It is calming and centering.

Therapeutic Narrative

Credence + Cadence for all that you have been through. Credence to you, for how it’s really felt and been. Deeply we acknowledge how much of your experience has not been heard, by those that may be capable of being present and absent, at the same time. I See You. I have felt, as you feel now. Credence brings centring, credence inspires clarity. By giving credence we offer you calming & kindness so that you might find your own cadence, your natural flow, and your own beautiful know-how.

This is Credence + Cadence


All heal root Valeriana officinalis– Has been traditionally used in the treatment of nervousness, headaches and improving sleep , clarity, peace and stability ,it is grounding during emotionally unsettled times and helps access our own hidden knowledge.

Roisin rose aerial parts Hypercium perforatum– Heals and soothes wounds, acts strongly on the nervous system and nerve trauma. It can bring emotions and thoughts into synchronicity. It heals inward hurts or bruises and is good for those that are bitten or stung by any venomous creatures.

Feverfew aerial parts Tanacetum parthenium– Traditionally used for fevers, migraines, to heighten intuition and support lucid dreaming. It treats disassociation and emotional conditions that cause it.

Herb of Grace aerial parts Verbena officinalis– Has the ability to relieve us of emotional pressures and unnecessary burdens, is part of the ancient recipe for a Draught of Immortality and also called The of poets, singers, and bards, bringing inspiration

Mysteldene bark Viscum album.- Gives strength and promotes tenacity, used as a nervine encouraging contemplation, reflection and recovery. It brings a love that lasts.


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