Brilliant and Brave


Polyvagal Action – It tones the poly vagal nerve to the kidney, heart + gut it Improves clarity and sense of self & purpose

Traditional Use – This formula has been used to bring energy and focus, historical sources have it used by warriors to strengthen them for battle. It builds confidence and releases worry. The herbs used supply the building blocks of reproductive hormones, which are an essential bedrock of our confidence and clarity.

Therapeutic Narrative
Strength is knowing who you are – how to hold yourself in integrity and truth. It’s time to be your best authentic self. Decide to cut through and declare your values because just as a ripple on the water, you make waves. Make them good and kind waves, clear and true. You can be more authentic, more present more true to yourself than ever before and it is this, that will make you Brilliant 🤍.

This is Brilliant + Brave.

Compass plant leaf Rosmarinus officinalis - A nervine stimulant that brings focus and clarity to the mind.
English Lovage root Levisticum officinale - Greatly helps reduce stress, fatigue, depression, and melancholy feelings.
Greenbrier root Smilax ornata - Offers hormonal support which is an essential building block of confidence, without a clear hormone supply we will lack clarity and connection to ourselves.
Horsetail aerial parts Equisetum - A herb commonly used to bring strength and a sense of purpose. Its high silica content clears and smoothes the skin .
Sweet Woodruff Galium odoratum - Provides strength for life's battles and bravery. Historically used by warriors, It releases worry.


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