The Heart Centred Herb Co was created to find a way to treat the experiences that impact people’s health. Whatever happens in our lives can become symptoms and conditions in health and these need treatment. Whenever we have feelings or experiences we produce physiological products – chemicals, hormones or stress responses that then create inflammation and can harm our health.

After much research, Aurora has found plants that can change, dissolve or reduce these products of response. Her further research into the polyvagal nerve and its action added a profound dimension to how we can treat experiences by resetting the nervous system stress of them. Aurora then researched ancient and pre-Christian herbals to examine these herbs’ original emotional and experiential uses. Then she examined their constituents for their polyvagal actions and used this information combined to create her powerful herbal formals that became our wonderful range.

Herbal Supplements


Everything you think and feel is a chemical, hormone or neurotransmitter, our whole lives, loves and emotional experience is a physical and physiological event. This understanding led Dr. Aurora to search for physical treatments. The polyvagal theory is a description of how the branches of the nervous system travel from the brain into every organ and system this is how the stress or events we experience are passed thru the body and creates symptoms. Dr Aurora identified the Poly-Vagal action of herbs to treat these events. And then combined this excellent research to find what she needed amongst the oldest and forgotten traditional European herbs. She noticed that the traditional use of these herbs matched what she found of their Poly-Vagal use – a wonderful synergy was made.

Therapeutic Narratives


Imagery for the brain is just as real as real-life events and so just as effective a therapeutic tool as any other. Acknowledgment in therapy is the most effective initial tool in helping someone begin to heal, and so I have created effective therapeutic narratives for all our products to support and guide everyone who uses them by providing this acknowledgment and powerful imagery.

Use the honest statements drawn from my own experience to create the supportive imagery you need. Let’s reframe and support each other through our healing journeys.

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our experiences shape the body’s response, so it is very important that we engage and offer kindness, care and healing with clear and wholesome narratives. I encourage you to read them every time you take medicine or tea, creating a place of peace and stillness.

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