What to expect at your consultation

01. Make a booking

Contact us. Schedule an appointment. This can be done directly through our messaging service. Over the phone or through email. We can send intake forms prior to your first appointment.

02. Consultation

Your time with Aurora will begin with a thorough and in-depth health consultation, where you will discuss your health history, current symptoms and life experiences .


03. Treatment Plan

Essentially the goal in treatment is yours, whatever you wish to see recover in your health is what we are here to do . Our process has steps and our knowledge gives the structure as to how we get there . We will make your plan together it will include a combination of herbal medicines, acupuncture, dietary therapy & counselling.

04. Follow-Up

This happens naturally, as almost all our patients include acupuncture in their treatment, there are regular opportunities to check in and monitor your progress within your process. Every 4-8 weeks we will reassess with a full consult and every 3-6 months we repeat blood tests that were part of your inital assessments.

Price List

Treatments with Dr. Aurora

Acupuncture and Massage $150

Combined Naturopathic & Acupuncture Initial $220

Cosmetic Acupuncture $130

Express Consultation $85

Initial Auricular Stimulation $150

Initial Naturopathic or Acupuncture Consultation $150

Massage 45 minutes $150

Neurodivergence/Hair Mineral Analysis    $200

Repeat Auricular Stimulation $135

Repeat Naturopathic or Acupuncture Consultation $92

Somatic Acupuncture    $150
Somatic massage with Acupuncture $330

Telephone Consultation    $92

Trauma/Allostatic Load Tests    $200

X5 Pack Auricular Stimulation $550



Treatments with Anaid

Initial Herbal Medicine Consultation $110
Return Herbal Medicine Consultation $85

Reiki Healing $70

Reiki & Flower Essence Therapy $85
Birth Chart Reading (Astrology) $70
Massage & Reiki 75 minutes $130
Massage 60min $110
Lymphatic Drainage Masage (60 min) $110
Lymphatic Drainage Masage (30min) $60


Treatments with Dr. Giles

Initial Acupuncture $110
Repeat Acupuncture $85

Contact Us

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