Common Questions 

How does it work?

Lift and Tone – Needles are inserted into motor points of the face to target the muscles in your face. Through the natural response of your body, tense muscles will relax and loose muscles will tighten. This gives your face a more lifted appearance. 

Firm and Tighten – To increase collagen and elastin production, needles are inserted into points of the face that need them the most. The body will naturally send a healing response which will soften lines and make the skin look and feel firmer. 

Circulate and Balance – The acupuncture points are chosen specifically to increase blood and circulation which makes your skin look fresh and youthful. Underlying health issues that are the root cause of your skin problems are addressed and treated naturally. 

How many Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments do I need?

A typical course of treatment consists of 10 consecutive, usually weekly, treatments to see desired results. While results are often noticeable after only a few sessions, it is recommended to go through a full treatment to achieve long lasting results. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 4 to 8 weeks. 

Is it safe and does it hurt? 

Getting acupuncture is a pleasant, relaxing and energising experience. The needles are hair thin, sterile and generally painless. They are gently placed with a high level of skill and often the insertion is barely noticeable for patients. We ensure that all our used equipment is sterile. Needles are only used one time and disposed after every treatment ensuring that there is no risk of infection.

How long does it take to see changes?

Usually patients feel improvements pretty much straight away. Within 1-2 weeks of treatment patients tend to feel like their skin is softer, more hydrated and glowy. The skin starts to feel tighter and lines begin to soften at around 4-6 weeks of treatment. Due to the increased blood flow the skin is more hydrated and healthy looking. Afterwards it is recommended to come in for maintenance sessions every 4 to 8 weeks to get longlasting results. Results are always individual and depend on your body’s reaction to the facial needles. The treatment is completely chemically free since unlike Botox and fillers nothing gets injected into your face.


 Our packages

    Single treatment          $110 

    5 pack          $500 (save $50)

   10 pack      $1000 (save $100)

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