We have a 90% success rate in treating acne. Suffering from skin issues and don’t know what to try anymore. We can help!

Is it effective?

Yes, through addressing the underlying cause of your skin problems, your breakouts can be stopped and acne scarring can be faded. And the bonus: It is completely natural and chemical free..

When will I see first results?

Everyone’s skin is different but usually the results are visible very quickly. Within 1-2 weeks inflammation can be reduced and new breakouts become less frequent. Within 7 weeks of treatment you should be able to notice clear skin.

How long will I need treatment for?

Aurora will discuss an individual treatment plan with you during your consultation. Because acupuncture treats the root cause of your acne you will see longterm results in your skin and body without needing treatment forever.

What types of acne can be treated?

  • Common acne (whiteheads and red bumps)

  • Hormonal acne

  • Pubescent acne

  • Adult acne

  • Cystic acne

  • Acne scarring (pigmentation, bumps, uneven skin)

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