About Us

About us

At the Heart Centred Herb Company we believe that what happens to us – stress, trauma, life events, grief, fear – all affect and create our health and health issues. Everything that we think and feel is expressed physically, in our bodies.


It is a chemical, a hormone, a physical substance, and it has a very real, very physical effect. It may not be visible to the eye, but it is a very real thing – something that has been acknowledged for thousands of years by many cultures, and more recently by modern science, including epigenetic research.

We believe that everyone should have good support, including mental tools for understanding and regulating their perception, but that they should also have physical assistance to resolve these issues.

What we think and feel manifests physically. And as such, needs to be treated physically, as well as mentally. We may mentally decide not to be stressed, anxious or affected by what has happened to us, we may meditate or seek therapy, but unless it is dealt with as the physical issue it has become, the stress, shock, grief, disappointment and fear will persist and harm us, with the potential to derail our health, and our life.

“I believe in nature,

and I believe in you.”

— Aurora Sheehy

We are all human

We believe that as humans, we all suffer emotional distress, and we all need connection and understanding. To be aware and accepting of the fact that no-one escapes this pain, that not one of us does not carry the effects of hurt or shock in us, can indeed bring us closer together.

Our acknowledgment of the impact of our emotions on us and our health, is freeing – perhaps the ultimate form of treatment. And in turn, by acknowledging that our emotional injury can be treated physically, can bring us to a far greater understanding of ourselves, and others.

We have uncovered a vast history of Western herbs and ancient herbals that told of these very feelings and conditions. Because it is true, it was always true, and it will always be true, that we as humans suffer human things. There are, and have always been, herbs for grief, herbs for anger, herbs for shock, herbs for sadness, herbs for fear. These herbs are capable of breaking down the physical substances that are these feelings. Sadly, over time, many of us have lost our understanding of them and our connection to what it is to be human.

A journey of self discovery

We ask you to come on this journey of self discovery and self guided healing that we have laid out for you, that we have pioneered through countless years of study during twenty five years of working with people, of forty years of being human, and also of surviving human traumas and human torment ourselves.

You are here to grow, to experience, to express. You are made for overcoming, you have all the capabilities, and you are meant to have help to do so. Nature provides all these things, so please, come on the journey, to free yourself from all that has weighed you down, all that has hurt and harmed you. Let us look together for what is really behind your health issues. Let’s finally resolve it, release it, so you can live to your exquisitely expressed potential.

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