Let us & Nature shelter you.

How can it be that you became so exhausted, so lost ?

Nature is Infinitely Fertile. You can be too.


We are a Fremantle based Naturopath and Acupuncture Clinic, we offer Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Iridiology, Genetic testing and love to work with anxiety, infertility, hormonal health states, musculoskeletal pain & injury, as well as weight issues and Life Progression. 

Products & Program

Our range of products focuses on treating emotions on a physical level so that you can acknowledge, process and be released from the harmful effects that emotional experiences & emotional weight can have on your health – resulting in your life & you being your best authentic self.


We are able to offer health fund rebates for Acupuncture with most health funds. Government legislation in April 2019 has removed rebates for Naturopathy as well as many other Natural Therapies and should be reinstated in our view. 

About Us

Hello, I’m Aurora

It has taken me 25yrs, of what is my life’s work, to be able to offer this healing space. Study, experience, research and life have all taught me, that we all need more care, more support than we allow ourselves.
And that what happens in our lives, effects our health.

Through my personal experience of complex trauma I have built a deeper skill set, understanding and ability to connect and care for people.

Nature has seasons , from disasters to abundance just as we face in our lives  , as a human you are having a human experience, and because all that has happened to you has happened in nature, there are effective natural medicines to support and care for you. 

And I believe wholeheartedly that with a determined, kind , clear and skilled approach so much of our health can recover and that living your potential, your best life, is what we are all here to do.

Aurora Sheehy

Adv Dip Appl Sci (Nat), Dip Hom,

Adv Dip Acup, MATMS Cert. Remedial Massage


Acupuncture points along the body are gently stimulated to naturally ease pain, relax muscles and remove stress. It is a superior treatment for any musculoskeletal injuries, stress, PMT, infertility, allergies, weight loss, IBS and more.


 A  holistic approach to health that uses herbs, vitamins, minerals, massage, homoeopathics and lifestyle change to bring about a natural resolution. We will formulate individual treatments together that will bring the best of health to you.


Diagnose, treat and resolve your gut problems with a gut functional test. Genetic tests are used to identify increased risks of health problems, to choose treatments or to determine chances of developing a disease.


Pain can affect every aspect of your day-to-day life – we are experienced in resolving pain and can treat you whether you’ve had a recent illness/injury or whether you’ve been suffering for a long time.

We are a Trauma- informed clinic.

We understand, recognise and respond to the effects of all types of trauma. Our aim is to provide emotional safety for both our clients and staff .

'You are your own first child, take care of yourself as such.'

Aurora Sheehy

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